Celebrate Microvolunteering Day

You want to get involved and give back to the community, but can’t fit another big commitment into your busy schedule? Then microvolunteering might just be the thing.

Microvolunteering is a small, bite-sized task or project, that is quick and easy to perform. Best of all there’s a range of things you could do online, in as little as 30 minutes. Donating processing time on your computer, signing an online petition, or promoting a charity on social media are all examples of microvolunteering that you could do today.

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The Delaware County Tobacco-Free Coalition provides prevention, smoking cessation, and informational and training programs to improve the quality of life for Delaware County residents. The programs have provided FREE youth and adult tobacco cessation programs, educated and assisted schools in adopting a smoke free school policy, promoted awareness and participation in the Great American Smokeout essay contest in middle and elementary schools, a Kick Butts Day Bookmark contest and No World Tobacco Day activities. Furthermore, the coalition has provided community educational events on current topics like the e-cigarette epidemic among youth and promoting and assisting county boroughs and townships in adopting clean outdoor air ordinances through the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Young Lungs at Play initiative. Funded by The Foundation of Delaware County in collaboration with the Delaware County Tobacco-Free Coalition and Riddle HealthCare Foundation.

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